Working in the gig economy? How to get a mortgage

For the self-employed, April 15 holds no particular significance, income is often erratic (killing it one mont...

The life expectancy of home appliances

Whether you’re shopping for a home or already own one, knowing the current age of the appliances is importan...


Colleen Deegan

October 15, 2019

Home fire season is upon us: Do you have enough insurance?

Fall and winter see an increase in home fires. It makes sense when we consider that we cook more around...

Colleen Deegan

December 5, 2019

5 Tips to Improve Winter Curb Appeal

The weather outside may be a bit frightful, but it’s not so bad that folks aren’t out shopping for homes.....

Colleen Deegan

December 3, 2019

The Cost of Home Staging

Have you wondered if you should consider professional staging for your home before you list it for sale? Most ...

Colleen Deegan

November 29, 2019

DIY those drywall cracks and holes in the wall

When getting your home ready to sell, or doing minor repairs on one that you’ve purchased, you’ll inevitab...

Colleen Deegan

November 28, 2019

Before you DIY your home sale or purchase: Learn about services only a real estate ag...

Many industries offer unique services. Sure, you can cut your own hair, but can you make it look like this...

Colleen Deegan

November 26, 2019

Easy Holiday Season Safety Tips

Shopping, cooking, crackling fires and twinkling lights – all essential elements of the winter holiday seaso...

Colleen Deegan

November 21, 2019


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